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Top univeristy students.

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Our Tutors are exceptional. They’re top University students from some of the UK’s most prestigious institutions, hold impeccable academic records and have talents for teaching.

We believe in student tutors. They bring a unique energy to teaching. They’re currently in the throws of formal education so ideas are still ripe in their minds. All achieved A* in taught subjects and understand exactly what it takes to get there.


University of Bristol



(on going)

A Levels:


(Maths, Further Maths, History)



Our marvelous mathematical maven

  • Mathematics BSc student
  • 2 years of teaching experience
  • A*A* Maths & Further Maths A Level

"Dedicated and diligent"

"Methodical and very engaging, Louis is amazing!"

Experience & teaching approach

Highly driven and ambitious, Louis' love for maths came at  later age than most: After leaving school, Louis realised that mathematics is uniquely exciting. In true autodidact fashion, Louis decided to teach himself both the maths and further maths A Levels - knocking the ball out of the park with a double A*.

His self-taught approach places perfectly to teach the subject, as he understands exactly what each step in the learning process requires. He know how to motive students and is full of empathy.  He's a maths specialist that knows how to make the incomprehensible not only comprehensible but enjoyable. Louis is a pleasure to be taught by.


"Methodical and also engaging, Louis is great!"

"Dedicated and diligent"